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Where child abuse is OK
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The official state torture of children continues
The Old Testawhackalists
They misuse the Bible as badly as they misuse children and teens.
A Book in Progress

An examination of spanking and paddling as physical abuse, sexual abuse and sexual harassment. Includes paddling photographic illustrations with Andrea.
Exhibits Related to Paddling
Photo exhibits related to paddling in school
Connection to Slavery
Photo exhibits related to slavery

Slavery Paddle
William Blake
Slave Photograph
American Fear to Speak
American Hypocrisy
An Early Example
Anti-Education Paddle
Bible and Abuse
Bucking Paddling
Children of Hell
Continuing Legacy
Damning Sins

Death by Six Pound Paddle
Effects of Witnessing
Hot Water Paddle
Lord Have Mercy
No One Took Notice
Oh Do Ben
Old Southern Recipe
Paddle Birth Inducer
Paddled into Slavery
Plantation Secrets
Sadist's Kind Smiles
Six Year Old Girl
Slave Barn Paddling
Slave Death by Blows
Slave Market Quote 1
Slave Market Quote 2
Slave Market Quote 3
Slave Market Quote 4 Wife
Slave Market Quote 5 Wife
Slender Females
Well Yankee…

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Exhibits: Damning Sins