1. “Culture War” Propaganda that Supports Domestic Violence and Sexual Abuse
2. School Beatings in the News “Parental “Support” (as long as they remain ignorant)
3. Paddling: “Out of Control” Pseudo Science
4. Paddling Brutality and Injuries
5. Reasons for Paddling
6. Can We Justify Child and Adolescent abuse?
7. Does Paddling Do Any Good?
8. The Phallic Paddle
9. Padding in the Digital Age: “Bringing Back the ‘Good Old Days?’”
10. “Did Jesus Teach "School Paddling?”
11. Other Religious Views
12. Lifetime Sexual and Psychological Damage for Victims and Witnesses
13. Sadism: a Job Hazard for Paddlers
·Sadism: a Job Hazard for Paddlers
·Sadism as a “Job Hazard” of Inquisitors
·Job-Induced Sadism Risks in for Paddlers
·The Principal’s Price of Perversity
·"Interview with a Paddler"
14. School Paddling as Sexual Harassment
Chapter 13: Sadism: a Job Hazard for Paddlers