1. “Culture War” Propaganda that Supports Domestic Violence and Sexual Abuse
2. School Beatings in the News “Parental “Support” (as long as they remain ignorant)
3. Paddling: “Out of Control” Pseudo Science
4. Paddling Brutality and Injuries
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·“Discipline beatings” passing on bloodborne pathogens such as HIV, Hepatitis B, or Hepatitis C in Africa and the Southern United States
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5. Reasons for Paddling
6. Can We Justify Child and Adolescent abuse?
7. Does Paddling Do Any Good?
8. The Phallic Paddle
9. Padding in the Digital Age: “Bringing Back the ‘Good Old Days?’”
10. “Did Jesus Teach "School Paddling?”
11. Other Religious Views
12. Lifetime Sexual and Psychological Damage for Victims and Witnesses
13. Sadism: a Job Hazard for Paddlers
14. School Paddling as Sexual Harassment
Would any school paddle a girl if they knew she was pregnant?
One of many ironies of “Christian” schools being especially likely to use corporal punishment, and of fundamentalist Christians to be among the most vocal supporters of public school paddling, is a hidden and little recognized danger that paddling has very likely caused a number of “abortion” miscarriages in the US. There have been perhaps dozens of these "paddle induced abortions" within the past decade, and perhaps much more than that. “Paddle abortions” are a likely byproduct of our perverted and brutal assaults on young women. The possibility of a teen girl being pregnant at the time of a paddling, whether she is aware of it or not or whether she admits it, is yet another way that paddling is a very different proposition for girls than it is for boys. Like everything else that happens to the potential mother a fetus “experiences” the paddling as well.
Certainly, in their defense, many gung-ho paddle supporters have no idea that paddling can cause vaginal hemorrhaging. Misled by so many paddle lovers in authority they ignorantly imagine paddling to be a “few light taps” to a teen’s buttocks by saintly men who are incapable of any sexual thought outside of marriage, and who have some mythical "science of paddling" under spiritual, mental, moral, and physical control. They bury within clouds of religious misinterpretation what little they do know about the brutality and sexual abuse aspects. They certainly don’t look into the issue enough to learn about cases of vaginal bleeding. For some it might seem almost sinful to even mention the word “vagina,” yet it is “ok” to whack a girl there with a board. They ignore the biblical teachings to search out and rightly divide the truth. They don’t seek, and thus don’t find, the necessary information to realize that paddling may well induce abortion, which they otherwise claim to abhor. Let’s just say that of the many prohibitions against hitting women that most of the “old time paddlers” clung to the possibility of pregnancy may have been high on their list.
There is at least one public school system in Ohio that never paddles teen girls in the spring because “some of the girls might be pregnant then.” I’m not going to name the school and embarrass it specifically because it is based on a private conversation related to me by a friend. They were nice enough to share that little tidbit. That unofficial policy is, in fact, what first led me to wonder what effect paddling might have on a pregnant student and fetus. I also wondered whether they had, in fact, paddled pregnant students in the past.
Would anyone in any school paddle a girl if he knew she was pregnant? Would “teacher protection act” type laws protect them from liability if they caused a paddle-abortion? I don’t think any district would knowingly paddle a pregnant student. I am conversely very sure paddling districts have, nonetheless, unknowingly paddled many pregnant students. We can be statistically sure that some number of paddled girls are pregnant at the time. We can consider the number of paddled teen girls and the number of pregnant teen girls and compare them, whether the pregnancies go to term or not. Regardless of whether the pregnant young woman knows she is pregnant, or would carry the baby to term, the paddle may make that choice for her. I'm sure the actual number of paddled teen girls and pregnant teen girls has some significant cross over. How many schools have quietly considered this issue but never talk about it? How many principals have paddled teen girls, only to find out later that the girls were pregnant at the time? How many of these girls miscarried for whatever reason and kept the whole thing a secret from everyone? I wonder if people are out there right now who, like my friend with a permanent paddle-induced back injury that we’ll meet in a few pages, think paddling contributed to their “miscarriage?” They very likely, nonetheless, for shame or the feeling it wouldn't do any good to complain, never brought the issue up to anyone.
You really have to wonder about the Ohio “don’t paddle girls in the spring” folks. What kind of “sex ed” did these brilliant educators receive? Humans are capable of reproduction anytime. There is no “heat” or season. Unlike many gung-ho paddling schools they do at least deserve "partial credit" for realizing that paddling might be harmful to a fetus. That alone sets them far above many paddling schools where paddling teen girls is a daily fact of life right through graduation day, with the oldest girls getting paddled more often and harder than younger ones. Nonetheless perhaps these Ohio paddlers should be fired simply for being so blatantly ignorant as to think the month matters when it comes to teen girls being pregnant and paddled. Even if there were a statistical rise in pregnancies in the spring it should not affect a decision to avoid paddling possible pregnant students. The girls can be pregnant any time and thus, if you have concerns about paddling pregnant teens, then sexually mature females capable of reproduction should not be paddled at any time. Their “seasonal paddling” of young women also negates completely the “necessity” argument. If they don’t “need” to use it with girls in the spring, then they don’t need it any time.
Although most paddle abuse occurs in the South, severe battering occurs in other states as well. In a recent Ohio case a young woman was very brutally beaten and suffered a severe injury from “just one hit.” The politicians in Ohio, in a moment of near enlightenment, “banned paddling” -- but then left a loophole that allowed the most abusive, and as we’ve noted elsewhere the most backward, schools—the ones that love the paddle-- to bring it back. One horrendous case made the courts and thus the news—and as usual the courts proved to be entirely useless and ended up dropping a long suit on jurisdiction issues. Again, as usual, the battered child/woman wanted to move on with her life and not be the center of sexually charged paddle attention forever because she was “officially abused” by a man in school who was “doing his job.”
Chapter 4: Paddling Brutality and Injuries