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An examination of spanking and paddling as physical abuse, sexual abuse and sexual harassment. Includes paddling photographic illustrations with Andrea.
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I was getting the most paddlings in 5th grade, and that's when I noticed how my tailbone hurt to sit for a long period of time. It still does.

Interview July, 2003

Regardless of our various religious views of the Baptist, Pentecostal, and Mormon sects of Christianity, “Sherry” and her younger siblings very certainly found, as children, a great deal of relief from systematic child abuse when her family became Mormon. They also moved to a school in Louisiana at nearly the same time that did not paddle as much, and Sherry was never paddled there at all, so both home spanking and school paddling went from being very high rate to nonexistent overnight. She now lives back in Mississippi and is trying to protect her daughters from a high-rate paddling school there that offers a parental consent option (although these are frequently violated and the parents never know about it).

There are many side issues that come to light. In a very real sense, the paddling school district that Sherry’s adolescent daughters are enrolled in is persecuting her for her religious beliefs by offering only permanent, GPA harming alternates to school paddling, which both she and her religion do not believe in. As a result, based solely on their religious Mormon beliefs, Sherry’s daughters are either having their grades, permanent GPA and college chances, systematically reduced, or they are forced to secretly submit to paddling, violating their religious beliefs, and lying to their mother to cover it up.

Sherry is also one of many, many people I’ve interviewed with permanent, lifetime back problems that she believes are related her school paddlings, but which never resulted in any complaint to the school at the time, and which was never properly diagnosed or documented.

Jeff: Can you tell me your age, and what state, you went to school in?

Sherry: I am 34 years old and I went to [elementary school name and county], Mississippi.

Jeff: How many times in your life were you spanked in some way outside of school? (best guess is ok)

Sherry: I was spanked outside of school about three times a week, until I was 12 years old, by my parents.

Jeff: Can you give the ages of your first spanking, and your last, outside of school?

Sherry: I was two years old when I first got spanked, and 12 years old at my last spanking. [Note -- If that was a true average through those ages, then Sherry received a total of some 1,500 spankings at home from age two to age 12].

Jeff: How many times were you paddled at school?

Sherry: I was paddled three times a week at school.

Jeff: Can you give the age of your first paddling, and your last?

Sherry: I was eight years old at my first paddling, and 11 at my last. [Note, if the three times per week was a true average, and it would not be an unusual amount in elementary grades in many paddling schools, then Sherry was paddled some 300 times at school over a three or four-year period].

Jeff: Can you describe the age that you first had sexual thoughts about spanking or paddling? It may or may not have included arousal of yourself, or fantasies of others being spanked or paddled, or it could have been more of a humiliation related to the sexual aspect.

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