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The official state torture of children continues
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They misuse the Bible as badly as they misuse children and teens.
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An examination of spanking and paddling as physical abuse, sexual abuse and sexual harassment. Includes paddling photographic illustrations with Andrea.
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Selected Letters to the Author
From a letter Allen sent several months after this interview was completed, commenting on some new material for the nopaddle website:

“Excellent work, Jeff, keep it up. Pauline and I couldn’t handle the stress. We broke up. That would make a great ending to your story, I guess. I wish more men like you where in this world, but for now I will be the black sheep of Christian conservatives here.”

Girlfriend’s “Old Testawhackalist” Father
Causing Turmoil and Distraction from College
The following letter and interview is a distillation of a much more detailed and longer set of letters. It has been edited a great deal, primarily to protect the identity of Allen’s girlfriend. This need is even greater in family abuse situations than in school abuse situations.

Several aspects of this interview are of great interest. The first is the way that school paddling, through age 19 in Allen’s and his girlfriend’s high school, fostered the idea that adolescents and young adults that age were “spankable” at home as well. Allen was paddled once in that high school. Although his girlfriend never was, she could have been paddled at any time by the school’s policies, and her father thus might have felt more at ease as he continued to “spank” her through her teen years, including at age 18. He made a special point with Allen that she was still in high school when he last spanked her, and that even though she had turned 18, and that her being in high school justified his continuing to spank her at that age.

The second point of interest is the way that this teen/adult spanking mode harms true education, not only of the direct female victim, but of her boyfriend as well. It is easy to imagine, from the dynamics presented here, other cases where young adult boyfriends or girlfriends drop out of school to help rescue the other partner, generally the female, from abusive or exploitive home situations.

The third point of interest is the way that the teen/adult spanking mode of the girl’s parents adds stress to the dating couple’s relationship itself. Stable relationships are inherently more difficult in paddling states like Alabama; i.e. the divorce rate is much higher than the US average, and this common societal acceptance of incestuous flavored home spanking abuse, as well as “sex for grades” paddle blackmail at school, into adulthood, is likely to be one factor.

Fourthly, it is ironic that the “religious butt spanking” that this “Old Testawhackalist” religion espouses is itself a turn-off to the young people raised in it, which the “butt spanker daddy” claims nonetheless to be trying to proselytize.

The fifth thing we might especially notice is the lifetime negative relationship that is already building between “Allen” and his potential in-laws over his perception of her abuse at home. The strong feelings of animosity that he’s developing now, even if mitigated over time by his growing maturity or ability to forgive, will never go completely away.

The sixth thing that is quite interesting is the way that the supposed fundamentalist “New Testament Christian” butt spanker jumps to the Old Testament to support what he wants to do, mixing in a few unrelated New Testament verses to make it seem “Christian.” We thus are actually are forced to coin a new name for this kind of thinking, especially when applied to child hitting: “Old Testawhackalism.” The fact is, butt hitting is NOT fundamentalist Christianity, because butt hitting was never taught anywhere in the New Testament. (Actually, “butt hitting” was never taught in the Old Testament either, as is laid out in chapter 10 online of “Southern Education.) The fact is, the New Testament does not teach anyone to hit any child in any way at any time, and it certainly does not teach men to slap the buttocks of adolescent women, regardless of their relationship.

The seventh thing we might notice is the extreme strength of the negative emotions this kind of adolescent, incestuous spanking abuse generates. Although some might criticize Allen’s use of words like “hate,” they are certainly the emotions that Allen felt at the moment he wrote them. Even if he tries to “forgive and move on,” he might not trust them with his children. He might, perhaps rightly, feel he needs to protect his kids from these “butt spanking grandparents” too – especially since “gramps” shows such a zeal for spanking teen girls.

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