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The official state torture of children continues
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They misuse the Bible as badly as they misuse children and teens.
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An examination of spanking and paddling as physical abuse, sexual abuse and sexual harassment. Includes paddling photographic illustrations with Andrea.
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  • A "Vacation in Texas"
  • A Good Old Texas Education
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  • Anonymous Male Texas Paddler
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  • Deion's Interview
  • Eli from North Carolina
  • Interview with “Mark” from the UK
  • Interview with a Texas Paddler
  • Jason
  • Laura from Dallas, 1979
  • Lori
  • Louise from Michigan
  • Mike from Dallas
  • Mississippi Hell Hole
  • Nick -- School teacher in the UK
  • Nikki, paddled out the door
  • Poetry from Tina B.
  • Rick's Tennessee "Southern Education"
  • Ron & Lisa in Texas
  • Shawn Wilder, Christian Mom
  • Sherry LDS
  • Spanking and Prison Rates
  • Tennessee Spanking
  • Tracy: 183 School Paddlings
  • Trucking In Texas
  • Vicky in Texas
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Selected Letters to the Author
This man did not want to give me his name or say what school he taught it, so he’s quite anonymous, even to me. I think, nonetheless, that he really is a Texas paddler. Even if not, as we noted elsewhere, it says something profound about paddling if someone would “get off” on making this up. The number of paddlings he’s dished out and witnessed over the years are, in any case, very consistent for a paddler in a high paddling district, regardless of whether this particular man is telling the truth or not. I’ll leave it for readers to decide whether it would be truly a healthy thing to dish out so many paddlings, in light of the material in chapter 13.

He seemed to me to be a man in a great deal of denial on many levels, and there were some key points he either ignored, or refused to answer. For example, he didn’t think he ever caused bruises because he was hitting with “only” a quarter-inch thick paddle. He didn’t say if it was a quarter inch paddle in all three districts, or whether it was made of pine, oak, or Lexan, which is “bulletproof glass” and extremely dense, and would be extremely bruising. Further females, and victims in very thin clothing, would be much more likely to be bruised, even with a thin paddle. I am positive he’s bruised many adolescents, and since very few or none complain about bruises in “Whackervilles,” his only way to know, he conveniently assumed he never caused any.

He also seemed to be both very aware of the sexual fetishes surrounding paddling, and deluded about them at the same time. He did not seem to have the least awareness of dissociation disorders, lifetime sadism and masochism development in paddlers, witnesses, and victims, or the effects of child abuse that lead to increased addictive behaviors, rather than a reduction. --Jeff

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