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An examination of spanking and paddling as physical abuse, sexual abuse and sexual harassment. Includes paddling photographic illustrations with Andrea.
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Selected Letters to the Author
Interview January,2004

All names anonymized. Some aspects of this story rely on “hearsay” from Rick’s friends, so the reader might wonder, even if “Rick” is telling the truth, whether all of his friends were. The very fact that the “kids” would be talking and thinking of this teacher and his paddling motivations in this extremely sexual way is, however, itself a damnable aspect of paddling. Beyond that, the outward events of the sudden drop of in the teacher's paddling of girls, as well as the subsequent marriage and change of schools, corroborates what his peers reported to him.

Rick’s interview also shows that there was already a large spanking and paddling sexual interest among the high school students in this paddling school, even before this “paddling/affair” became known. The “good paddlings” were already having a profound and lifelong sexual effect on the adolescents in the school, as well as on the adult perpetrators it seems.

I’m not sure if any of the activities described here would, in any case, have been illegal at the time, or even if they would be illegal now, in the state of Tennessee. They might have raised some eyebrows, or caused the school itself to discipline the teacher (which may be why he left after that year), but I doubt if any Tennessee laws would have been broken.

Unlike parents, where sex with their offspring would be incest and illegal at any age, teachers are not related to the children and adolescents whose buttocks they beat, and they are not prohibited legally from having affairs, or getting married to them afterwards, etc., in most states. Ironically, there are many states where students can be both forcibly spanked and “voluntarily” sexed by the same person in authority. Even the “age of consent” varies in states. It is currently as low as 14 in some paddling states, and is 16 or 17 in many others, yet the “children” can often be paddled through age 18 and beyond.

Since we changed the names, I suspect that there are literally hundreds of schools and teachers across Tennessee who could read this story and worry that it was about them. I’m sure this is very close to many real life histories in high-paddling Tennessee. Paddling is very common there, even today, and sexual affairs between teachers and students, most often male teachers and female students, are not at all uncommon. There must be some overlap between paddling, sexual abuse, and student-teacher affairs, such as described here.

-- Jeff

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