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An examination of spanking and paddling as physical abuse, sexual abuse and sexual harassment. Includes paddling photographic illustrations with Andrea.
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Selected Letters to the Author
(AKA, “Mississippi Hell Hole II”)

“I scratched marks in the wall by the door to keep track of the days. I think that was a twenty-one day lockdown, if I didn't miss any days. When I got out of solitary there were still marks from the edge of the paddle whelped into my back and bottom.” Note: All names have been changed in this interview, except the potentially accurate name, "Sue Nunlist." I hope she or a descendent reads this, and realizes the positive impact that her small seeming gesture made on this severely abused little girl.

Hannah had a great deal of difficulty in releasing this interview, in part because, even with the horrendous abuse she suffered, she didn’t want to “attack” her father. I don’t read her story so much of an attack on her father, however, as I do a complete failure of our society on multiple levels to protect known abused children. For example, all her abusive father had to do was simply move to a neighboring county to evade social service oversight of a documented abused child. Further, he was able to beat one child to a crippling near death, yet the social services, as they often do today, left the rest of the “less abused” children in the care of someone capable of that level of violence. Finally, it is most damning that child abuse cult compounds can exist in Mississippi and Missouri, even today, committing life-harming quackery and child exploitation with a staff of ignorant and abusive unprofessionals.

I debated heavily about using the real names of the "Christian youth homes" in question here. They have been in the news periodically for child abuse investigations, so it would not a genius to figure out what the real names of the homes are. They can be fairly easily deduced from poking around the Internet, just from news accounts alone. In the end, to keep Hannah's ID most secret, as she wished, I decided to keep their names secret also. I can say that her story dovetails very well with the findings of various investigations into the child abusive cult compounds that she was committed to by her abusive father.

All of the government interventions into these "Christian" named, but actually anti-Christ, brutal child abuse compounds, by the way, ultimately did nothing to prevent the "homes" from continuing their abuse as before. The Mississippi “home” is still operating much as it did then.

The first "home" that Hannah was sent to was a "youth home" in Texas that was closed down amidst child abuse charges. The same staff simply packed up and opened up another "home" with a new name in Mississippi, a state with even less child protection laws than Texas, and continued to perform the very same systematic abuse. Both homes were owned and operated by the same man.

For our purposes, we'll call the Texas youth home, "Texas Child Abuse Cult Compound," or TexCACC, and the Mississippi Youth Home, "Mississippi Child Abuse Cult Compound," or MissCACC. They market themselves as "Christian homes," but their actions are entirely the work of anti-Christ cult child abuse.

For those who feel they "must defend the actions" of every entity that bears the name of Christ, remember that even Jesus' hand picked 12 apostles, who did miracles in His name, harbored Judas, “a devil.” Groups that commit child abuse in the name of Jesus are the worst sort of Judas', and the preacher-proponents of these homes and their practices are the worst sort of Pharisees.

[Hannah's Interview, January, 2004]

Hello Jeff.

I spent over four-and-a-half years of my teenhood between [Texas Child Abusive Cult Compound] and [Mississippi Child Abusive Cult Compound]. You should know that writing to you is not easy for me to do. There are times I cannot make myself face the issues. To do so would be a ticket to the hospital for me. So you will have to be patient in this conversation. OK?

This is going to be hard for me. My heart is breaking, and the tears have started again. As I read through news accounts of other children still being abused in this “facility,” my palms got cold and sweaty. The fear resurfaced, and my stomach became ill.

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