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An examination of spanking and paddling as physical abuse, sexual abuse and sexual harassment. Includes paddling photographic illustrations with Andrea.
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Selected Letters to the Author
Interview edited from several letters and interviews exchanged between March and April, 2003, and spelling altered to American rather than British usage. (No insult intended to our British friends, but it just makes it a lot easier for me to use the spell checker for editing). Although Mark’s experiences may seem impossible to some, his exact situation at home and in school is commonly occurring in the year 2000 and beyond in the American South. The only difference in the South today and Mark’s Britain of the 1980s is that spanking erotica is now more hidden on the Internet, strip bars, and mail order houses, than it apparently was in London in the 1980s. Further I’ve known of nearly similar home situations growing up in Michigan in the 1960s and 1970s, although not quite as common or frequent.

Reading Mark’s account, it is almost impossible to imagine a normal teen boy growing up in an environment like this without being sexualized for life by spanking and paddling. The entire culture was deeply infused with sexual abuse and exploitation under the guise of “discipline.”

Hi Jeff,

I read with interest the information on your website. I was quite amazed at what goes on in Southern US schools. I have read quite a bit about school paddling in the U.S., but didn't realize the half of it.

I was amazed that male teachers are allowed to spank, paddle, and witness paddlings of older teenage girls at High Schools, right up through age nineteen. I was even more surprised that laws have been recently written in Texas and other states to allow these spankings to be secretly videotaped, without either the parent’s or student’s knowledge. I found it intriguing that females in these states sometimes go into the workforce and find themselves being coerced to take spankings or paddlings from their bosses as a form of continued sexual harassment. I wonder how often that still happens in the Southern US? I have heard of a number of similar cases over the years, in both Britain and America, both in the papers as well as from a number of women I knew personally, but nothing so recent here.

It seems that the Southern US currently holds much the same attitudes toward allowing sexual harassment at work and in school as Britain did 30 years ago. Some people have told me that it was fairly common in Britain for bosses to spank young female employees before sexual harassment and sexual discrimination laws came in the mid 1970s. Other than the few cases that made the news, however, my evidence is only anecdotal. Certainly the bottom patting and bottom pinching of female employees was common, as was corporal punishment in schools and homes, up until the mid-1980s.

Unfortunately, from my spanking fetishist’s point of view, sexual harassment and discrimination laws have become much tighter in Britain since then. People have become much more suspicious of the motives of spankers. Back then many bosses would have been able to get away with spanking a young woman employee, as still seems to be the case in some of your Southern US states today. I have spoken to a number of women who were spanked by their bosses at work in the past, especially secretaries. Many bosses years ago saw it as their right. According to women I have spoken to their bosses, even when they weren't spanking them, regularly promised spankings if they made any mistakes, didn't get work done on time, didn't dress appropriately, etc. There was thus a continual sexual/spanking atmosphere that pervaded many workplaces. Back then the attitude seemed to be the boss could do whatever he wanted, and if the young woman didn’t like it, she could look for another job.

Men spanking young women with obvious mixed motives were certainly much more common and openly integrated into American and British popular culture years ago. Mainstream Hollywood and British files such as Kiss Me Kate, Mclintock (which features two spankings), and many others featured men spanking young women who were also sexual conquests. TV shows such as Rawhide and Bonanza featured spankings, sometimes likewise with ambiguous motives. Mainstream funny cartoons in newspapers routinely showed bosses spanking their secretaries. (I’ve attached one of these.) The reason they were common in the mainstream press was that they reflected real life, and it was seen as a harmless joke, or a harmless perk that the boss could expect from a young woman without complaint.
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