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The official state torture of children continues
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They misuse the Bible as badly as they misuse children and teens.
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An examination of spanking and paddling as physical abuse, sexual abuse and sexual harassment. Includes paddling photographic illustrations with Andrea.
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  • 1984 US Senate Hearing
  • A "Vacation in Texas"
  • A Good Old Texas Education
  • Allen in Alabama
  • Anonymous Male Texas Paddler
  • Dan, Good Old Days Spanking
  • Deion's Interview
  • Eli from North Carolina
  • Interview with “Mark” from the UK
  • Interview with a Texas Paddler
  • Jason
  • Laura from Dallas, 1979
  • Lori
  • Louise from Michigan
  • Mike from Dallas
  • Mississippi Hell Hole
  • Nick -- School teacher in the UK
  • Nikki, paddled out the door
  • Poetry from Tina B.
  • Rick's Tennessee "Southern Education"
  • Ron & Lisa in Texas
  • Shawn Wilder, Christian Mom
  • Sherry LDS
  • Spanking and Prison Rates
  • Tennessee Spanking
  • Tracy: 183 School Paddlings
  • Trucking In Texas
  • Vicky in Texas
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Selected Letters to the Author
Jeff, I got "corporal punishment" in 1999, which I prefer to call "legalized torture." I was 16, in the 11th grade. It was the most painful and humiliating thing that ever happened to me. It was done in front of several “witnesses.” This must stop!!!

Keep up the good work on your web site! To be honest, some of these pictures are kind of hard to look at, like the "He-Man or Hee-Haw" one, which is just about exactly how I was in position when I was tortured.


Jeff: Did you have a "choice" of ISS or some alternative, and why did you think at the time that the paddling "option" would be better?

Jason: I did not have any choice. Nothing was said about any alternatives.

Jeff: Were there bruises? How long did they last, if you know?

Jason: Not sure if it was bruises, but there were marks in half-circles where the holes in the paddle were (it was like Swiss cheese). The marks lasted several days.

Jeff: What kind of clothes were you wearing? Did you have to untuck your shirt?

Jason: Regular clothes, jeans, underwear. The principal pulled my shirt out of my pants just before he did it. I had to turn my head and look at the witnesses while I was getting hit.

If you put any of this on the site, please don't put it with my name. It would really bother me to have people (general public) know the details of what happened to me.

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